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Audition Notice: The Full Monty

The Wellesley Players announce auditions for The Full Monty

Book by  Terrence McNally
Music and Lyrics by  David Yazbek
Based on the Motion Picture Released by Fox Searchlight Pictures written by Simon Beaufoy, produced by Uberto Pasolini, and directed by Peter Cattaneoe

Directed by Richard Repetta
Musical Direction by Shawn Geltzleichter
Choreographed by PJ Terranova
Assistant Director Jaimee Banks * Producer Jane Brown * Stage Manager Jean MacFarland

For synopsis please go to:

  • Audition Dates: November 16 and 17th at 7pm (please arrive no later than 7:30)
  • Audition Location: 61 North Beacon Street, Allston (on the Watertown line, near the Arsenal Center, New Balance, and WGBH)
  • Please be prepared to sing 16-32 bars of 2 contrasting songs in the style of the show, read from the script and participate in a dance audition
  • Email to sign up for an audition date and to receive an audition form and show information.
  • Performance Location: Arsenal Center for the Arts Mosesian Theatre in Watertown
  • Performance Dates: February 26, 27, 28, March 4, 5, 6
  • Rehearsals will officially begin the first week in January

Character Breakdown

Jerry Lukowski: An unemployed mill worker, fighting to maintain his pride and the custody of his only son. All-American jock and the definitive man’s man. Spontaneous. Very prideful. Male, 30-40 yrs old Range: C4 – D6

Pam Lukowski: Jerry’s estranged wife and high school sweetheart. She wants what is best for her son. Strong business woman, but also compassionate and motherly. Female, 25-35 yrs old Range: B3 – A5

Nathan Lukowski: Jerry and Pam’s young son 12 years old going on forty, but young-looking for his age. Nathan can be stoic, sincere, and charming, but ultimately real as he deals with his parents’ custody battle. The movie is Rated R for language and differs from the play in significant ways. The script for the play is available from the library, book stores, or you can contact us directly for a perusal. Nathan sees and hears adult-themed content and, critically, drops the f-bomb (says “f**k” once – no exceptions). This role is strictly for a young male performer: no girls auditioning as boys.

Dave Bukatinsky: Jerry’s best friend and fellow unemployed mill worker. Very much a man’s man, but more of a follower than leader. The definitive sidekick. Prideful. Self-conscious about his size. Male, 30-40 yrs old Range: C4 – E6

Georgie Bukatinsky: Dave’s wife. She loves her husband, and worries about him. Loud, outgoing and brash. She is the “leader” of her group of girlfriends. Female, 30-40 yrs old Range: G3 – A5

Harold Nichols:  An unemployed supervisor at the mill. Hot Metal’s choreographer. Thinks his worth comes from providing for his wife, so he hides his unemployment from her. Male, 35-45 yrs old Range: B3 – A5

Vicki Nichols:  Harold’s wife. She enjoys the finer things in life. Loves her husband more than anything, and supports him no matter what. Female, 30-40 yrs old Range: G3 – A5

Malcolm Macgregor:  An unemployed mill worker. Lives at home with his mother. Depressed, suicidal, awkward, and feeble. Pigeon-chested. Finds comfort in Ethan. Male, 25-35 yrs old Range: C4 – E6

Ethan Girard:  An unemployed mill worker. Lonely. Has a blind determination and confidence to succeed. Finds company with Malcolm. Male, 25-35 yrs old Range: D3 – A5

Noah “Horse” T. Simmons:  A retired mill worker. Embarrassed about being an “average sized” Black man. Despite being old and slow when walking, he still has explosive dance moves. Frequently grumpy. Male, 50-60 yrs old Range: F2 – B5

Jeanette Burmeister:  A piano player of indeterminate years and show-business pro. Sassy, quick-witted, and larger than life. Has slowed down in recent years. Female, 65-75 yrs old Range: F4 – B5

Buddy ‘Keno’ Walsh: Male, 21-32: handsome and experienced gay male stripper; should be in excellent physical shape and very comfortable with his body

Ensemble of approximately 5 women and 5 men to play various roles including, but not limited to, the following:

Joanie Lish: Female, 28-40: friend of Georgie and Pam, blue-collar, fun, sassy, noisy, can be any ethnicity

Susan Hershey: Female, 35-50: friend of Georgie and Pam, blue-collar, the slightly older gal at work who loves to grab a beer with the girls before she heads home

Estelle Genovese: Jerry’s new girlfriend…the youngest, and decidedly sluttiest of the bunch,  a hottie in a funny and trashy way

Molly MacGregor: Female, 35-70 (any age to play a wide range) Malcolm’s frail mom and also an assortment of women (all working class) friends to Georgie and Estelle

Teddy Slaughter: Pam’s live-in boyfriend, every bit as good looking as Jerry, but his collar is “whiter” and he has a job; honestly cares for Pam and Nathan

Reg Willoughby: Male, 40-59: gruff union leader, plays an assortment of characters throughout including Police Sergeant, Tony Giordano, etc.

Marty/Minister: Male, 40-59: unsuccessful stripper, minister at Molly’s funeral, an assortment of characters throughout