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Audition Notice My Fair Lady : Cast Breakdown by Vocal Part

The Wellesley Players announces Auditions for My Fair Lady  My Fair Lady


Based upon George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion
With Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and Music by Frederick Loewe

Directed by Celia Couture
Music Direction by Art Finstein
Choreography by Kelly Murphy

Artistic Director Celia Couture intends to present this beloved Broadway musical in a manner that speaks to today’s audiences. Using minimalistic sets, projections, an intimate cast that plays multiple roles, a street tough Eliza and a most egotistical Henry Higgins, Celia hopes the power, brilliance and humor of Shaw’s brilliant and timely piece of theatre is compelling to audiences who have grown up without knowing this classic.

In addition, the show will feature the sparkling two-piano orchestration, crafted with the approval of Lerner and Loewe by the original show’s composer/arranger of dance music.

What to bring: 
Please bring resume with photo, arrive on time and be familiar with the script. If you have special training or perform dialects, please indicate on your audition form. Please review the performance dates and rehearsal schedule and let us know of any conflicts. MFLWellesley-Players-Audition-form-APlease print and bring with you to auditions.  The following is a PROPOSED rehearsal schedule:  Rehearsal Schedule My Fair Lady and Cast Breakdown by vocal part:  Breakdown of Scenes

Anyone cast in My Fair Lady is expected to pay a small production fee or, alternatively,you are welcome to join the Players. Becoming a member of the Players provides you with many more benefits. Visit the Wellesley Players website for more information:

Also, please note that each cast member is expected to devote two hours of additional time to one of many aspects of the production, which may include hanging posters, assisting with set build, costuming or other areas where extra hands are requested. Specific dates and times will be provided.

The show requires 1 principle female role and 3 principle male roles. All other roles will be filled by 20 ensemble members. This structure affords all actors more variety and challenges than is common in other productions. It is a basic requirement that all ensemble members be able to sing, act and move well. It is also a desirable skills that cast members can read music.

 Please Note:  Rehearsals are typically scheduled for Tues, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  Rehearsals will begin in earnest in January.  Conflicts will be carefully scrutinized and may impact our casting decisions. 

Audition Information

When:   December 2, 3, and 4 (as a call back) at: Christ Episcopal Church, 1132 Highland Avenue in Needham from 7:00-10:00 P.M.  Rehearsal will also take place in Needham and some my take place at the Music Director’s home in Framingham. 

What to Bring:

If you are auditioning for a lead role, please be prepared to sing one song, either a ballad or up-tempo, NOT from My Fair Lady up to 32 bars.  There will also be readings from the script.

For Specific Roles at callbacks, please be prepared to sing the following:

  • Eliza: I could’ve Danced All Night and Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
  • Higgins: I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face
  • Alfred: Get Me to the Church
  • Freddie: On the Street Where You Live
  • Sheet music available from
  • There will be cold readings from the script at the audition
  • You will be asked to demonstrate the ability to perform simple dance steps
  • Wear comfortable clothes/shoes, bring your theatrical resume if you have one, as well and a headshot or other suitable photo.
  • Application form from the Wellesley Players website:

Performance Dates: April 10-12  and 16-19, 2015

Cast of Characters (*principle vocal part):

Eliza Doolittle * (Soprano) age range 20-30

  • A cockney flower girl from Lisson Grove working outside Covent Garden. Her potential to become “a lady” becomes the object of a bet between Higgins and Pickering. She is street smart, edgy, vulnerable, sensual and extraordinary as the feisty poor girl/street urchin with a heart of gold.

Professor Henry Higgins *(baritone) age range 40-60

  • British, upper class professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert, teach and author of “Higgins’ Universal Alphabet.” Egotistical and a show off. He can’t wait to impress Colonel Pickering with his keen ability to tell where people are from by the sound of their voice… and he can mimic them admirably too!

Alfred P Doolittle * (baritone) Age Range 40-70

  • Eliza’s father, an aging but vigorous dustman, manipulator, womanizer and negotiator

Colonel Hugh Pickering * (baritone) Age Range 40-65

  • Retired British officer with colonial experience and the author of “spoken Sanskrit.” The complete opposite of Higgins in manner and respect, strong comic, and understated comic timing

Freddie Eynsford-Hill * (tenor) Age range 20-32

  • Upper class young man who becomes completely smitten with Eliza he is spoiled, immature in many ways.

The ensemble members, listed below, will double and sometimes triple in the number of roles played. 

Mrs. Higgins (age range) 55-75

  • Henry’s long-suffering mother who is quite capable of taking care of herself and is not at all intimidated by her son. Demonstrates a real affection for Eliza

Professor Zoltan Karpathy: (age range) 30-50

  • A bearded Hungarian; former phonetics student of Henry Higgins

Mrs. Pearce *(age range) 40-70 one member of the servant’s chorus

  • Henry Higgins Housekeeper

Mrs. Ensford-Hill *

  • Freddy’s mother and a friend of Mrs. Higgins


  • Bartender who works at the Tottenham Court Road Pub


  • Drinking companion of Alfred Doolittle


  • Drinking companion of Alfred Doolittle

Mrs. Hopkins

  • A cockney woman of Tottenham Court

A Bystander

  • In the opening scene (2 men) a bystander with another bystander outside Covent Garden

Courtney Quartet*

  • First, Second, Third and Fourth Cockney-In Covent Garden Market; the Male Cockney Quartet


  • In Higgin’s household, non-speaking

Lord Boxington

  • Friend of Mrs. Higgins, Ascot race patron

Lady Boxington

  • Friend of Mrs. Higgins, Ascot race patron

Flower Girl

  • Working in Wimpole Street


  • Embassy Employee

Selsey Man

  • Opening Scene, bystander outside Covent Garden

Hoxton Man

  • Opening Scene, bystander outside Covent Garden

Two Maids

  • In Higgins’s household household, non-speaking

Three Buskers

  • Street performers, outside Covent Garden, non-speaking, must dance and sing

Six Servants

Henry Higgins household, non-speaking chorus singer (S-S-A-A-T-B)

Two Stewards

  • Ascot employees, non speaking

Singing & Dance Ensembles

  • The Ascot Race Patrons, Embassy Ball guests including the Queen of Transylvania and her escort, the Ambassador and his wife and Dr. Themistocles Stephanos, Covent Garden Scene Crowd, Tottenham Court Crowd, etc.

Various Voices

  • Doubling with single spoken lines

Angry Woman :  Act I, Scene 2

Angry Man:  Act 1, Scene 2

Charles:  Mrs. Higgins’s Chauffer—Act I, Scene 6

Policeman: In Wimpole Street, Act I, Scene 8